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K.K. Wong has over 30 years of experience in construction, project management, facility management and real estate investment. He has experience handling large scale construction projects including manufacture compounds, office, shopping centres and hotels. Prior to joining Zeppelin, K.K. had worked for international building consulting companies and the Hong Kong Government. Projects involved spread from China to other locations such as Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. K.K. served the RICS as the Chairman of the RICS HK National Association, Chair of the RICS Asia Facility Management Board.



Sheree has over 15 years of experience working on masterplan, mixed-use development, railway station and cultural facilities. She has an in depth knowledge of the design, planning and integration of complex buildings and large scale projects. She was involved from design development to construction administration on various projects ranging from resort hotel, commercial towers, recreation and convention centers to transportation facilities and masterplanning. She also has experience on corporate interior design alongwith other smaller scale retail and museum exhibition design which she did earlier in her career. Her work in the past with renowned US design firm, Rafael Vinoly Architects, and UK firm, Terry Farrell & Partners, has allowed her to develop a well rounded experience.

Sheree WONG


Stephen has been involved in real estate development, investment, and management since the 1980s in the region of China and North America. Projects handled include residential, office, retail, industrial, mix-use, and hotels-resorts. He has a solid background in construction economics, project management, real estate marketing, analysis, and portfolio allocation. Stephen has developed the investment analytical capability of Zeppelin, and leads the analysis division, Zeppelin Real Estate Analysis Limited. He has also created the real estate website in which over 1,000 analyses are published. Readers come from local and abroad including corporate executives and investors. Stephen is also a columnist for various newspapers and real estate websites. He has authored three books to date on real estate and is an Adjunct Professor of the University of Hong Kong and has an interest in REIT research.

Stephen CHUNG

Honorary Advisor

You Describe, We Analyze

Canada verses the U.S.

Nov 2016

Townhouse verses Detached house

Nov 2016
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Stephen Chung, Founder and Developer of Real Estate Tech, Advisor to investment groups, and Managing Director of Zeppelin Real Estate Analysis Limited. He has created a real estate website for sharing his over 1,000 analyses.

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